Take a look, it’s in a book!

This past Saturday, I ran a few errands with my youngest today and one stop was at our local Half Price Books. It’s a great place offering NEW and GENTLY used books, records, and magazines. You can even find older edition textbooks or just about any certification study guide you have in mind. Better yet…they BUY your used items things too!! ♻️ #reducereuserecycle Allowing you to clear out your clutter and make a couple bucks.

I wanted to share a few of “our” favorites.

Anansi the Spider: A Tale from the Ashanti https://a.co/d/6JkZI6n | Bishop loves this one (he’s two) the colors and I add action sounds while reading it to male it come to life. We read this one every night right now.

Abiyoyo https://a.co/d/gczswTy | My absolute fave, THANKS READING RAINBOW 🌈. It has magic, music, and great storytelling. This is another nightly read and each son has had their own copies of this one too! 😍

Amelia Bedelia (I Can Read Book) https://a.co/d/dw3rEuK | This is a fav of mine! Now there is a complete series but this specific one sends me. Amelia has a new job and is working through the list…doing literally what it asks. What recipes call for dates from a calendar? Read to find out. 🤣 She’s hilarious and people need to be more specific IMHO😌. I’m sure there is a stereotype or two in it but it does show how critical clear communication is!

Danny and the Dinosaur https://a.co/d/f18sSj5 | Classic story and a tad long. Reading it as an adult had me thinking I wonder if this is where Night at the Museum got their idea from? Also, Danny needs to diversify his friend group.

Little Critter: Going to the Firehouse (My First I Can Read) https://a.co/d/iuKdmoF | Firehouse, ambulance, etc. are a big thing for Bishop right now. This one feels a little special because of the fireman. 🥺

I Am Human: A Book of Empathy (I Am Books) https://a.co/d/41h151v | It’s simple, great colors, and packs a message. It’s on Bishop’s list maybe top 10.

The Eleventh Hour: A Curious Mystery https://a.co/d/eLE8DaX | The colors, words, mystery, artistry. Everything is more than what meets the eye here and I love it! We haven’t introduced this one to Bishop yet but Dallas use to love it (3rd son). The words aren’t those we’d typically say day to day so it’s interesting, then as you child gets older then they can try to unlock the mysteries.

The Little Red Hen (Paul Galdone Nursery Classic) https://a.co/d/bsQFAQi | I’ve read again and again as a child but as an adult it reads #selfcare. Nothing like a book with a message. I picked this one up to given him an idea of “hen” we don’t live on a farm and chicken is only chicken here. One time with my oldest two, we were at a country themed restaurant, Babe’s Chicken and they had to go to the restroom. One was marked “hen” the other “rooster” they came back and were like, “Ma! Which one are we supposed to go too!?” 🤦🏾‍♀️

Tell me what is your favorite childhood book or book you have read to a little loved one in your life?

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