Celebrating our excellence.

I always get super excited this time of year! It’s an extra moment to stop and specifically focus on the impact and achievements Black Americans have made. And let’s just say what you are thinking, Yes! I AM a proud Black Woman raising proud Black Young Men. ✊🏾

One of the things we struggle with is providing our children with visibility to these achievements and the sense of community that comes along with being Black. So we take an extra effort to do so by the music we listen to, the stories we tell, the additional insight we share when they discuss what they’ve learned at school. But it never feels like enough.

Since the pandemic I have tried to find other ways to supplement our third son’s writing skills. Its such a struggle to read his writing sometimes. He’s learning virtually which means zero time to focus on his penmanship. I wanted to be intentional about how he practiced this skill. I can be pretty authortive sometimes, so I needed an activity he’d feel like was beneficial.

This child loves all things facts and history. I had these Black History flash cards and they were perfect! Monday through Thursday he is responsible for picking a flash card and re-writing what is on it. I also try to pick a few words for him to look up and define. This has helped with his writing immensely and builds memory muscle too! Plus, he has something to share with Dad when he gets home, sparking conversation and possibly earning video game time.

Tell me, how do you acknowledge Black History Month in your household?

5 responses to “Celebrating our excellence.”

  1. I love to return to the work of Nikki Giovanni and Alex Elle. I take advantage of the instagram algorithm and find new black influencers and makers that I like. And finally, podcasts! Educational ones about black history as well as podcasts by black women specifically, because feminism.

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    1. I 🤎Nikki Giovanni. I had the greatest pleasure of hearing her recite some of her work when I was in school. She’s such a gift!


  2. Thank you for sharing resources!


  3. This is a great idea; the flash cards! We don’t do anything special, with the exception of just talk about past and present legacy.


    1. Yes! And the flash cards aren’t expensive either. Matter of fact they are running a special for Black History Month!


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